We operate in Estonia, having two branches (one in Tallinn, the capital and second in Tartu- near Latvia) and over 50 employees. We try to cover everything that goes along with moving services: heavy liftings, assemblage, storage, packing materials and services and of course, local and international moves. Our target is to provide the best quality with best time and reasonable prices. We consider ourselves the most preferred moving company in Estonia amongst private customers. That doesn’t mean that we don’t do corporate as well. In contrary, over 70% of our clients are corporate clients.

Regarding international services, we aim to provide full solutions with our own crews, hence we have vans and trucks somewhere in Europe at all times. Therefore we are able to service different back- and frontloads all around. For our partners, we are able to offer either that, or simply origin/destination services with different needs.

Our movers are qualified and trained by ISO standards, so they are able to figure out a solution even under the most difficult conditions.