About Eurovan

How does EUROVAN work?

EUROVAN is an organisation of independent leading local removal companies and each company carries on its business of local removals. 

EUROVAN’s headquarters is based in Mannheim, Germany – in the middle of Europe. All partners have the possibility to log their European moves to the headquarters so that empty mileage is reduced and combinations can be found reflecting in on monetary savings.

If you have a move crossing continents you can contact the partners directly and take direct advantage of their local expertise.

With its well-known brandname, EUROVAN’s partners have the possibility to “sell” their companies & services more efficiently when answering worldwide RFQs (Requests for quotation): To be backed with a network (and not just having agents) can sometimes be the decisive factor for the decision makers at large companies and accounts. EUROVAN is not just another logo on a letterhead, it stands for a reliable and well-functioning network.