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Become a partner

Become a partner of our network of professional movers

Certainly it takes more than having carried out a domestic removal or two to become a partner. A domestic or international removal needs intensive planning and resources. EUROVAN provides key features for their partners to simplify the process of an International move. Our main goal is not just to provide the resources that we have already developed, but we also want to learn from your experience and especially hear some of your ideas about how modern moves should be accomplished.

Established marketing resources

EUROVAN is a widely spread trademark known for many years in the branch of international removal organizations. EUROVAN provides complete coverage of all aspects of marketing. We can help newly formed movers expand their portfolio without the high costs usually associated with brand development.

EUROVAN provides you with a comprehensive range of services for the moving business. Many of the partners have over the years become highly-experienced in domestic, global issues concerning freight, customs regulations and haulage. As a partner, you can be part of the group, accessing knowledge that is either not provided by any authority or is difficult to obtain.


If you believe you can benefit from the synergies a network can provide, and if you think that some of your fresh and unconventional ideas should be merged together with the experience of over 30 years of moving, you have now found the right source. To learn more about the key technologies and other advantages that all Eurovan partners have access to, please contact Tobia Crisostomo. He will be happy to answer any questions you might have about the benefits of becoming a Eurovan partner, and to help you to get on the road to higher visibility and flexibility in the moving business.

EUROVAN – The International Movers Network
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