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About Goeldlin

Founded in 1933, Goeldlin has been a market leader in international removals, dedicating its services to destinations anywhere around the World.

The company was founded in 2001 by Mr Inam Ashraf and was originally a local and national moving company. In 2009 the focus started changing towards  international moves  and in 2010 we became a  member of the EUROVAN network to strengthen our position in Europe. Today our company is 100 % focused on the international moves to and from Denmark and we have the seen the entering into the EUROVAN network as a very important part of this transition. The membership has given us the flexibility and competitiveness necessary to navigate in the European business today. Also the membership has given us more business opportunities as still more EUROVAN partners and relations are asking for our services locally in Denmark.  

We are a small company with 6 employees .  

We strive constantly to be seen as a valued, highly flexible, professional partner that will go that extra step to assist clients and partners worldwide.

Special shipment for large danish organization. Crate under preparation and goods being very carefully packed.

Shipment contained 3 sorts of herring and many bottles of akvavit for traditional christmas lunch in Mozambique.

All of our staff (including myself) has at one time or another worked for other well-known removals companies, both here in Italy, and abroad. We collate this know-how, and varied skills-pool to provide an up-to-date service using all the latest technological innovations; and in-keeping with environmental sensitivities, we service our clients utilizing all the most and best materials on the market to help the planet. With over 80 years’ worth of history, today I pride myself in continuing with my family's good name in the removals market. I place high importance on quality, punctuality, and discretion to our client's requirements and needs. Goeldlin's is not a high-volume company; in fact we're the complete opposite, as our main client list is corporate account blue-chip international companies.


Yours sincerely, Alain Goeldlin


Goeldlin International Movers

Via G.B. Molinelli, 82

I-00166 Roma


Phone: +39 06 65 77 1661